Koboku-no-kai Sketch

Koboku-no-kai Japanese Yokai Pencil Illustration Thumbnail

The yokai Koboku-no-kai (こぼくのかい) are the spirits of old trees which have transformed to resemble humans, complete with arms, legs, and faces. They . . .

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Tankororin Sketch


Tankororin is a yokai formed from the abandoned fruit of an unkempt persimmon tree. It has large glaring eyes and a thick protective . . .

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Namahage Sketch

Namahage Japanese Yokai Pencils Illustration Thumbnail

Here is a sketch of the knife-wielding, blister-peeling Namahage of Oga, Japan. On New Year’s eve these oni (demons) descend from their mountain . . .

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3 Videos of Early Japanese Animation featuring Yokai

Thumbnail for Yokai Tengu Anime Videos

Kobu-Tori (1929)

Directed by Yasuji Murata, this short animation is based on a bit of Japanese folklore involving an old man and the supernatural . . .

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Eight Yokai by Katsushika Hokusai

Hokusai Tengu Yokai Thumbnail

I came across a quote by the artist Katsushika Hokusai the other day, and was reminded how much I enjoyed his work. Best . . .

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Tofu-kozo Sketch

Tofu-kozo Japanese Yokai Pencil Illustration Thumbnail

The Tofu-kozo appears as a small boy peddling tofu. He materializes randomly in various lonely places on rainy evenings, offering passersby a taste . . .

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Akashita Sketch

Akashita Japanese Yokai Pencil Illustration Thumbnail

Akashita is an enormous hairy yokai found in the clouds above waterworks and floodgates.

This sketch is part of a series of creatures . . .

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Waniguchi Sketch


The Waniguchi takes its name from a copper bell which hangs outside Buddhist temples. After existing for one hundred years, the bell is . . .

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Sagari Sketch

Sagari Japanese Yokai Pencil Illustration Thumbnail

A horse’s head that hangs from the nettle trees of the Kyushu reason, terrifying those who travel through the woods at night.

Preliminary . . .

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Otoroshi Sketch

Otoroshi Japanese Yokai Pencil Illustration Thumbnail

Otoroshi, a yokai popularized in Sekien’s Gazu Hyakki Yako and various Edo-period scrolls, is a bedraggled beast said to perch atop torii gates . . .

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